Wacky Holidays and Special Days in January 2016

If you have children, if you work with children…if you are a child (snicker)…you know how much fun wacky days are.  Pajama day at school, spirit week, taking a day to speak only in Pig Latin; we create some of our best memories on some of our wackiest days.  If you are anything like me, you hear about special “National Holidays” the day of the event, and you say to yourself “darn it, if I had only known it was ‘National Wear Your Hawaiian Shirt and use your pogo stick to get everywhere’ day…”

So I am here to help you out with some planning.  (At least for the month of January).  I have scoured the websites, and a couple of my amusing holiday books to verify and compile a comprehensive list of holidays and wacky days for this month.  And just to make it easy for you, dear reader, I have created a PDF calendar page that you can print and hang on your fridge.  Or the employee bulletin board.  Or your forehead.  This will give you time to plan for National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.  Or to make sure you have the ingredients on hand for National Lobster Thermidor Day.  Organize your wackiness!  Celebrate everything!  You can thank me later.

Follow this link to print your very own copy, and get to planning for a handful, or an entire month of zany days.  There’s something here for everyone!

January 2016 Wacky Days Calendar JPEG

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