Recycling Candy Canes Into Love

If you hadn’t noticed, candy canes are really inexpensive in January.  I think you would be hard pressed to find a box that cost you a dollar, after the new year rings in.  Now I suppose that shopping for candy canes in January isn’t really necessary either; not if you’re like us, anyway. If you are like us, you are gathering them up from all around the house and wondering what to do with the pesky leftovers from the tree, from the packages, from the class parties…sometimes I wonder if they are breeding in the night.  But I digress.

So what do you do with gaggles of peppermint sticks, handfuls of mini canes, oodles of staff shaped peppermint crunchiness?

Candy Cane Leftovers

You prepare for Valentine’s Day!

Yep!  That heart filled holiday is just around the corner and you, my candy cane encumbered friend, are in a prime position to recycle the bane of your holiday leftovers!  “How?”  You say? By turning them into all sorts of peppermint accoutrement!

For example, if you take two small candy canes and melt them together with a lollipop stick, you get this:

Mini Candy Canes

A delightful stirrer for peppermint tea, hot cocoa, your cafe mocha…or you just could just eat the darned thing!

If you piece together the large candy canes (I’m presuming your larger candy canes are broken, because most of mine are) place them on a parchment paper, or Silpat lined baking sheet in a preheated 300° oven for three minutes, you can pinch together the ends and bend the longer side of the larger candy canes.  In this way, you can make a heart shaped peppermint stick that looks fabulous in a fancy cup of hot cocoa!

Candy Cane ReshapingCandy Cane HeartPeppermint Valentine Hot Cocoa

How about the unsalvageable broken candy canes?  (Or the ones you left in the oven, melting, for too long (as if I know anything about that!  Insert eye roll…)

Melted Candy Cane FailMelted Candy Cane Fail

Put those broken bits and melted mishaps in a sandwich bag, smash them with a rolling pin, sprinkle them on top of cupcakes, whipped cream, anything chocolatey!  Or dip the rim of your cocoa mug in light corn syrup and then dip it into those tasty peppermint bits.  Wonderful addition to a chocolate or minty drink!

Crushed Candy Cane BitsMinty Wintry Cupcakes

Bernie Sanders Cocoa

Happy candy cane recycling!


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