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Hi, I’m Crystal!  Welcome to my blog!  I live with my zany, crazy, outrageous family. Recently, we relocated from the swampy lowlands of coastal Carolina, to the mountainous side of the state.  It was like going from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil to Cold Mountain (for my fellow movie buffs).

For those who are curious, Facebook is what led me to this world of blogging – I found that I was posting all sorts of anecdotes on my FB page but I was frustrated when I couldn’t chronicle more.  For example, making crème brulee and having my youngest child tantrum and yell “I just want one more clam ballet!” after she had been cut off.  This deserved more of a story.  Or when our family adopted a pet pig.  She was worthy of more than a status update here-and-there.  So I started to keep track of the adventures and the recipes and the disasters.  And I started to research blogging as a creative outlet and a way to share tales and projects with our extended family that live thousands of miles to the west.  And here we are.

After eleven years spent mostly in the rural south, I’m conflicted as to my nationality (moving from the west coast – Seattle, Washington, to be precise, to where I am now is certainly a world of difference). My Pacific Northwest friends and family swear that I’ve taken on a twang, I vehemently disagree, but still wonder…you’ll have to weigh in if you watch one of my video blogs.  And if you enjoy the posts and “vlogs”, check back often, there’s always something going on ’round here.

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