Extra and Extraordinary Gum Gifts

It’s almost baseball season again (this makes me giddy!) and I have found the perfect “goodie bag” idea for the “not so little” baseball player and his team.  The tag on this goodie bag reads: “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.  Hope you have an extra good game!”

Estra-Ordinary Gum

To make this, you will need to purchase lot’s of Extra brand gum in one of your team colors (Think Costco, Sam’s Club or a great coupon for purchasing).  Our team colors are orange and green so I bought green packaged gum and made a contrasting tag.  You can download my tag template here and print the text in black; just run a colored piece of scrapbooking paper through your printer and you have fancy tags.  These will print six to a page.

Here’s what else you will need to make these goodies:  fold top sandwich baggies**, curling ribbon, hole punch, Extra brand gum, printed tags.

Extra Gum Goodie Bag Supplies


** A word about the fold top sandwich bags:  they work just as well as the cellophane treat bags and are a tiny fraction of the price.  Just cut the sides of the fold and you have a regular sized clear treat bag.  It’s hard to tell from this photo, but I just sliced along the inside of the folded flap and pulled the fold up.  Voila!  Regular sized treat bags for the entire season!

Fold Top Sandwich BagsCut Fold Top Bag to Make Treat Bag

Print your tags and cut them out…

Extra Goodie Bag TagsHole punch the corner of your cut-out tags…

Extra Gum Goodie Bag Tags

And assemble everything into a cute little package with curling ribbon.  Hooray for team moms!

Estra-Ordinary Gum

These would be great for any older kids sports team,  (T-ball and flag football teams should probably not be turned loose with 15 sticks of gum apiece…) ours will be handed out before their first away game.  Gives them something to chew on during their bus ride!

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