For the Ravens Fans…

If you are a Ravens fan, whip up this banner for your Superbowl party.

Ravens Football Banner

With the free, downloadable template and easy-to-come-by supplies, it will take you all of twenty minutes!  First, download the large banner template here.  Print it and cut the template out.  Using it as a pattern, trace it to your black cardstock or construction paper.  Cut six large pennant shapes out of sturdy black paper, using pinking shears if you have them.

DSC_2161 copy

Next, download the small pennant template here.  Cut out the template, and using it as a pattern, trace it onto your purple paper six times.  Cut your purple flags using pinking shears, if you have them, as well.

Ravens small purple flag

Glue your six purple flags atop your six black flags, they will look like this:

Layered Pennant Flags for Superbowl Banner


Next, you will download the “Ravens” lettering here.  Print the letters, cut them out, and trace them onto your yellow paper.

Letters cut out for Ravens banner pattern"Ravens" Letters stenciled to yellow paper for banner


When you have all of your lettering cut out, you will glue it atop your already assembled pennant flags…

Ravens Banner Lettering Cut OutCompleted Ravens Flag for Banner


Note the two hole punches on each side of the flag, at the top.  These are what you will thread your ribbon through.  Cut two lengths of curling ribbon, leaving plenty at each end for curling, and hang your banner!

Ravens Football BannerAnd of course, this would look wonderful with a bowl of Penalty flags, (directions here)…

Football Party Penalty Flags


…or a big serving of Superbowl dip (recipe here).

White Trash Dip

Happy Superbowl Sunday!


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