Nancy’s Shamelessly White Trash Superbowl Dip

I’m not sure where the term “White Trash” came from, with reference to this dish; I do know that whenever I hear that phrase, I think of Nancy and her dip.  We lost Nancy to complications related to her melanoma in November of 2000, and there’s not a day that goes by without my thinking of her.  She was outrageously funny – in a self deprecating sort of way; referring to her recipes as “white trash” this-or-that, playing down her incredible acts of volunteerism that ate up any and all of her free time, frequently making something for an expectant mother, a family experiencing a loss…always giving of herself and her time.  Nancy was a community treasure and I know the world is a much better place because of her.

And while I don’t believe that Nancy was an inherently huge football fan, she adored her boys. Watching them grow up playing football sparked a love for the game in her as well.   When the kids were older, if there was a college match-up or an especially big NFL game on TV, Nancy would burst on the scene with the “White Trash Dip” and a bag of tortilla chips.  And that dip never stood a chance, it was scrumptious!

More recently, the dip has morphed into what my family calls “Shameless Dip”, after the Showtime series on Sunday night TV.  If you do not watch the show, you may not know how shamelessly trashy and crazy the featured family is – it was my oldest daughter that pointed out, several seasons ago, how great our “White Trash Dip” would go with our Sunday night Shameless viewing.  And a new tradition was born; I love it when families create new traditions from old.

Now, with the advent of blogging (something Nancy would’ve gotten a big kick out of), I am privileged to share her famous dip with you, dear reader.  Ready yourself.

White Trash Dip Ingredients

You will need:

One 15 oz. can of chili.  Whatever kind you like, organic, toxic, homemade, whatever.

One 8 oz brick of plain cream cheese.

One small (4 oz) can of diced green chilies.  Go hot, go mild, whatever you like.

*Optional* One small (2.25 oz) can of sliced black olives, drained.

Dump everything into a saucepan and heat over medium low until the cream cheese is melted and the ingredients are incorporated.  Stir it from time to time, but don’t rush it with higher heat or you will have scorched dip on the bottom of your pan.

Cooking up White Trash Dip

(I had to insert the quintessential trashy stove top shot)

If you are feeling especially white trash, just set the whole pan on the coffee table with a hot pad underneath and drop a bag of chips down for everyone to scarf.

White Trash Dip

Have I mentioned that this is not a fancy dip?  Oh, you could class it up – it cleans up real nice. Put it in a fancy bowl, serve it out of a small crock pot, no one else needs to know what it’s really called, your secret is safe with me.

And for your football parties, this dip goes great with a big bowl of penalty flag suckers too!

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