Get Crafty With Some Fork Easels

Fun and simple to make, fork easels are a great way to display small pictures and mementos.

Single Fork Easel

Grab some forks with a design you like…

Silver Plate Forks

"H" Monogram

Monograms are especially fun…

And bend the tines so that the outer two are facing straight forward and the inner tines are facing straight back.  You should be able to do this with your bare hands, but if they are uncooperative, grab some pliers…

Outer Tines Bent Forward

Inner Tines Bent BackFreestanding Fork

You will have a freestanding fork at this point…

Bent Fork Tips

Now grab some needle nose pliers and, gripping the very ends of the tines, roll the tips back to create a small curve.

Fork Easels

Give them as much or as little curl as you like, just make sure the front tines are bent enough to hold your photo or artwork in place.

Stainless Fork Easels

Now here’s where I’ll tell you that you want to work with silver or silver plate flatware.  Stainless  flatware is very difficult to bend.  I was not able to get the tines on the stainless forks to curve well at all…

Stainless Steel Fork Easels

They still looked nice in the small grouping I assembled…what a fun way to embarrass your family!

Fork Easel Grouping

Or to display small notes and works of art…

Child's Art on Fork Easel

As a single statement piece…

Vintage Photo Display

As a small grouping with all those old pictures from your high school friends…how much fun would it be to have photos from your school days on display like this for a get-together?

Old Friends

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